In Their Own Words: Students on Despair and Hope

Raymond Writing Visioins

If you’d like to read the whole story of my students from Kosovo, you’ll find it in this book!  Chapters 1-5 focus on the “visions of hope”–and sometime of despair–that my students found in twentieth-century American literature. Chapter 6 narrates their emergence as researchers on the theme of hope in American literature. Chapter 7 describes how this blog site, “Reflections on Kosovo,” played in classroom and online discussions focused on the theme of blood vengeance as dramatized in American and contemporary Balkans literature. Chapter 8 features samples of my students’ writing. Chapter 9, the most moving and inspiring chapter, narrates the personal stories and “visions of hope” of both students and faculty members as they look back on the last two decades of violence in the Balkans–and as they look forward as students and teachers of literature.

Thank you for supporting my students and me throughout this project, and I look forward to your feedback on the book.

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