Fulbright Program in Kosovo

Program Overview (excerpted from the U.S. Fulbright Scholar Catalog of Awards 2012-2013): Kosovo declared its independence on February 17, 2008. Since the war in 1999, higher education is slowly making its way back to normalcy. Higher education consists of two state universities — the University of Pristina (26,000 students in 14 faculties) and the University of Prizren; approximately 30 small private schools; and The American University in Kosovo (AUK), which opened in 2003 and currently has an undergraduate population of 430 students. This year (2012-13) will be the sixth year of the Fulbright Scholar Program in Kosovo. There remain significant opportunities to make a difference in the state of education in the country.

This is my second Fulbright professorship (my first was at the University of Shkodra, Albania), and my project this time will serve the University of Pristina in the Republic of Kosovo during the February-June semester of 2012.

My Fulbright project centers on teaching MA students at the University of Pristina in Kosovo, where we will study twentieth-century American literature and research strategies. Students will focus their research on critical approaches to their readings in American literature, or on contemporary literature reflecting the cultures and conflicts of the Balkans in the distant or recent past. If you would like to learn more about the students’ projects, see the file “Literary Research Paper” under Course Materials. You will also find course syllabi there.

Additionally, I will pursue my own research and writing, focusing on the literacy histories of Kosovaran students and professors within the contexts of Balkans history and Kosovo’s recent independence. Specifically, I hope to learn how their literacy histories shape the ways they learn and teach literature, and to what extent their academic pursuits inform their visions of Kosovo’s future. If you would like to see a fuller account of the project, please see the file “Literacy Histories and their Effects on Learning and Teaching” under Research.

To read my full proposal, please see my Kosovo Proposal: Project Statement.

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