For the Chapel Class

<Note from Heather, Rich’s daugher>

Dear Chapel Class,

Thank you for tuning in to my Dad’s blog.  This page will soon be replaced with writing from him!

In the meantime, his letters to you are now sub-pages of this page. When you click on the “For the Chapel Class” in the menu bar at the top, you will see each letter posted as a separate subpage (e.g., as of now, there are two: “Greetings from Kosova!” and “Reflections on Ezra 4-10”).

I hope you find this easy to navigate.  Please check back often!

Blessings to you all,
Heather, aka Padre’s web assistant


1 thought on “For the Chapel Class

  1. Rich, it has taken us only 2 Sundays to get through Ezra 1:4! (the Forbus model??) We spent the 22nd looking at OT history in a broad sweep. Yesterday we narrowed our scope to events in biblical history which set the stage for Ezra and Nehemiah. We looked back at the prophecies from Isaiah and Jeremiah which are fulfilled in Ezra 1. Next week we will look at the background passages (mostly from Daniel) that explain the significance of the items returned to the Israelites by Cyrus. Then on to Ezra 2-3…Thanks for your insights on these chapters. Please keep them coming!

    Richard and Melanie leave today for time in Honduras, working on their beloved mission there. The Chapel Class literally has representatives all over the globe!

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