Where Rich Worships

February 12, 2012

Hey, Chapel Friends–

I’ve attached here some shots of the stage area, a combined pulpit, choir, and communion place. Every service begins with about 20 minutes of singing, supported by keyboard, guitar, and English/Albanian lyrics projected on the wall. Children’s time follows, then announcements, stressing opportunities to relieve the poor and support mission work.  Then comes the sermon, which runs about an hour.  Next week, I’ll get some closer shots.

**Click on the first picture to scroll through the gallery in a larger format.

This morning, we received a sermon that yoked Proverbs 31:10 to Job 1:8 and Ruth 3:11.  These texts all stress the rarity of a good woman and a good man: “Who can find a virtuous woman” or man?  Reverend Artur, citing the infinite need to serve the poor in this region, challenged all women and all men—individually and the collective church—to emulate the virtuous woman in Proverbs and the faithful, self-sacrificial service of Job and Ruth.  Not a bad message, right, Joey?

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