Njerëz Me Shpresa Të Thyera

June 3, 2012

Njerëz Me Shpresa Të Thyera, or “Men with Broken Hopes,” is a play that tells the story of soldiers returning from Vietnam in 1970. My Fulbright colleague Dave McTier directed his senior male students in this, their “diploma production.” I loved their performances of these troubled young men.

Please visit Dave’s blog to read the full details and see pictures of how he and his students brought this play to life.

Below are a few snapshots from the performance I attended. One of the pictures features director Dave McTier with the author, Shaip Grabovci, and his wife.

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7 thoughts on “Njerëz Me Shpresa Të Thyera

  1. This title contains a mistake in Albanian translation. The title in Albanian should be ‘Njerëz me shpresa të thyera’ which means ‘Men with broken hopes’

  2. Rich, I forget your schedule, you must be about ready to return home. YOu will be coming home to heat, to be expected in late June, I guess. It is officially summer in Mississippi. I sincerely hope that your fullbright experience has been rewarding to you, as surely it has been to your students. We will welcome you back to Starkville and FPC.


    • Hey Pat eventhough I don’t know you I must say we are very jealous becuase you get to have professor Rich and we are left without him, we are so sad that we’re not gonna have him anymore, I wish we had more professors like him.

  3. The person who has posted the title on the blog has forgotten to include a letter in the title in Albanian that is ‘p’ in the word ‘shresa’ which it should be ‘shpresa’ hope.

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